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So you want to have all the cars, guns and apartments in Los Santos but don't want to grind for hours to get it? Well then our GTA account Service is perfect for you! 

How does it work?

You must create a PS3 Account, then enter that login email and password in the order form below. Then once we email you notifying you that we have completed your account, you must link your Xbox One and PS3 account to your Social Club and then click "Character Transfer" in the settings of your Xbox One game. Then unlink the PS3 and Xbox One accounts from your Social Club to prevent bans.


Current Ban Risk: High

By purchasing, you understand and accept this risk. ModMyGame will not be held responsible for any bans or suspensions that occur as a result of using our services. In the event of a ban, you'll only be banned from GTA Online, usually for 30 days. Please also note, our digital services are non-refundable.


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