Grand Theft Auto 5 Recovery Service (PC)


Delivery time: 30 Days

Please enter your Social Club login email and password in the form.

Please read all of the following prior to purchasing;

  • You'll receive a new modded character on your PC account, but it will replace your current character and progression. You can edit the characters appearance on the 30th day prior to transferring. 
  • You can not mod your PC account if you have already transferred a character from PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 or Xbox One to your PC account in the past.
  • This service takes 30 days to deliver. So once you place an order with us, we will notify you in 30 days and you can then transfer the character from there. You can play on your PC account during the waiting period.

*If you have already transferred a character from your PS3 Xbox 360, PS4 or Xbox One to PC, then this will not work! If you continue to purchase the service without being sure that you have not transferred the character before, it will not work and you will not be eligible for a refund.*




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