Grand Theft Auto 5 Recovery Service (PS4)



30 Day Delivery

 Choose your Rank
 Choose your Money
 Safe and Secure 
 12 Month Ban Warranty
 Trusted by Thousands of Gamers
 Works with your current account if you have never transferred to it before.

 Do not place an order if you have transferred a character from PS3 or Xbox 360 to your PS4 account already in the past. You'll need to create a new account and use that instead.



So you want to have all the cars, guns and apartments in Los Santos but don't want to grind for hours to get it? Well then ModMyGame's Recovery Service for GTA Online is perfect for you!


Purchasing a service with ModMyGame couldn't be easier. 

You simply enter your PS4 account login email and password in the order form below, followed by what rank, money, gender and unlocks you'd like on your account. Then place an order on our site.


Once we've received your order, we'll login to your PS4 account on our PS3 system. We'll then create a new GTA Online character for you with the rank, money, gender and unlocks you select on our site. Once we're finished this process, we'll email you.


30 Days after we email you, simply link the account to the Social Club and click "Character Transfer" in the settings of the game. Edit the characters appearance and enjoy!



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